Alexandra Daddario – True Detective – HD

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The Alexandra Daddario nude scene from True Detective has finally aired! Sweet lord in heaven, it is spectacular. For the uninitiated amongst us, although the actress has been in a lot of teasy roles, she had never actually gone and done a proper nude scene until now. The most notable of said roles would have to be in last year’s Texas Chainsaw 3D. Firstly, throughout practically the entire movie, whatever she’s wearing above the waist only covers her breasts, and just barely, at that. And then there’s even a scene where she gets her shirt ripped wide open, exposing probably around 80 percent of her massive boobies, and still no nipple. That whole movie was a blue-baller. I mean, what kind of slasher film has no nudity?

NOTE: Following a request by HBO, all images have been removed from this post in accordance with copyright law.

Instead, you can find them here.

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Other features in which we just barely saw Alexandra Daddario naked include The Attic, in which she’s soaping up her wet titties but covering her nipples the entire time, and NBC’s Conviction, where we get some great sideboob as she’s lying in a bed. Also, there’s a hint of areola peeking out from under her in the latter. But now we no longer need to focus on near misses like that, for HBO have given us a total buffet of fappability. We’ve got two Alexandra Daddario nude scene in this night’s episode, the second one of the season.

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In the first scene in which we see Alexandra Daddario’s boobs, the actual nudity lasts for about half a minute or so. Really though, the treats start a whole lot earlier. For around a minute and a half before the puppies get released, the Percy Jackson actress is wandering around the house in boy shorts and a very loose, very thin white undershirt. She’s wearing no bra underneath, which gives her monsters a nice free motion from behind her top. Also, the room is apparently pretty cold, since we’ve got a clear view of the shape of her rock-hard nipples poking through her barely-there clothing. Woody Harrelson’s character producers a pair of handcuffs, but our girl has other ideas and handcuffs him to the bed instead.

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And this is where the magic happens, where we finally see Alexandra Daddario’s tits on screen. Just past 17 minutes into the episode, while straddling Woody, she arches back and slowly pulls her top off, giving us the most incredible view of her cannons. We then get some sideboob from a rear angle before the camera switched back to the front as she turns around and gets off the guy (no, not that way… well, that way too, I suppose). She then bends over while slowly pulling her panties down, giving us both an amazing look at her ass as well as a nice look at her boobs as they hand from her chest like ripe summer apples, inviting you to pluck them and vigourously beat off before… actually, this analogy isn’t working.

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We don’t quite get a full frontal shot here, but we do get the best look ever of Alexandra Daddario topless as the camera pans up her completely naked body. Those whom I’ve spoken to know I’m a “full-body man” more so than an “ass man” or a “tit man”, and while we don’t quite get the elusive vagina shot here, it’s still pretty damn good as far as nude scenes go. She then re-straddles Woody and begins undoing his belt. More full body side shots as she does so. As with the last scene, we got a good bit of real estate from her crotch area on screen, but no money shot… yet. After his trousers are off, the Annabeth Chase actress begins going down on Woody – whose name has never been more appropriate, by the way – giving us a few bounces of sideboob along the way.

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This first scene ends there, but a second scene opens with Alexandra Daddario’s ass on screen about 22 minutes into the episode, because clearly making us wait more than five minutes for more nudity would have been cruel. This scene has her on top of Woody, presumably after the sex act is over, although we’re not shown it. She’s uncuffing the guy while talking to him with her tits in his face, but alas, she’s wearing her tank top now. And it’s too bad too. One of the shots in this scene has a nice close-up of what would have been her bare breasts, but all we see is fabric instead. At this point I was a little disappointed, but that faded away pretty quickly, almost instantly, in fact.

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While we don’t see Alexandra Daddario’s breasts in this scene, after she’s done uncuffing Woody, she climbs off him, and the camera looks her dead in the crotch as she stretches her right leg out to get over. Remember now, she’s wearing her shirt, but she ain’t wearing any panties or anything like that. Although the dim lighting keeps it from getting too explicit, it feels like that’s fighting a losing battle since the well-lit and cream-colored couch between her legs gives us an incredible silhouette of her pussy, even featuring a very clear outline of her lips – yes, those ones – protruding brazenly between her legs. For an actress who has had an absolute no-nudity policy until now, this is one hell of a first nude scene.

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So there we go, if you thought the Alexandra Daddario sex scene in Texas Chainsaw was too tame, you can now watch True Detective. If you thought we didn’t see enough of her nipple in Conviction, you can now watch True Detective. If you thought the Percy Jackson films would be better as pseudo-pornos, you can now watch True Detective. And if, like me, you’re holding your fingers so tight that they’re on the verge of snapping, hoping for another Alexandra Daddario nude scene, keep watching True Detective on HBO Sunday nights at 9 and pray that the producers have filmed more treats for us. Oh, Lili Simmons is in the show too. We know how much nudity she provided in Banshee, so hopefully she’ll carry that trend over to here. All right, the Alexandra Daddario nude clip and caps are below. Don’t say I never did nothin’ for y’all.

Download the video clip: dead link removed? ? [what is this?]
Length: 01:23
Size: 35 MB

Alexandra Daddario – True Detective – Preview

Alexandra Daddario nude in True Detective


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OK, so I had another huge post planned as a very special first offering for the new year, but that one’s gonna have to give up its spot because there are now bona fide – bonerfied, even – leaked caps of the Alexandra Daddario nude scene from the upcoming HBO series, True Detective. Honestly, I come before you – figuratively and literally – in shame that I hadn’t even heard that this was happening, despite the fact that the rumors have been floating around the internet for months now. On the other hand, it’s fucking awesome for me that I didn’t have to spend all that time in suspense and with only empty words as my fapping fuel. Now we’ve got actual photographic evidence.

Alexandra Daddario naked in True Detective

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So how much of Alexandra Daddario naked do we actually see. The fellows at Recapped have some information for us regarding that. This is pretty much my only source of solid info on the topic – and probably the only source out there for the time being – so I’m just gonna drop some direct quotes on what to expect. “About 13 minutes into the 2nd episode of True Detective, Alexandra Daddario answers the door in a white polo with no bra underneath and pink shorts… As Alexandra bends over to poor some wine, Woody [Harrelson] pulls down her shorts a bit and we see the top of Alexandra’s ass.”

Alexandra Daddario boobs in True Detective

“Alexandra then straddles Woody, handcuffs him, and reads him his Miranda Rights. Alexandra then pulls off her top, gets off of Woody, turns around, bends down a bit, and pulls down her shorts. We get a great view of Alexandra’s ass and can maybe see a little something between her legs as we see her ass straight on. We then see a hint of muff as Alexandra turns around and straddles Woody again. Then Alexandra unbuckles Woody’s pants and begins to go down on him off screen. The entire scene is just over two minutes long with the nudity starting about a minute and a half in.”

Alexandra Daddario tits in True Detective

“But that’s not all. About 19 minutes into episode 2, we see a far shot of Alexandra straddling Woody as she removes his cuffs. Alexandra is wearing the polo again but is bottomless so we see her ass. The camera then switches to a closer side view and as Alexandra gets off of Woody we can almost see a brief but clear view of her pussy. Although it’s shadowy, there does not appear to be a merkin as there’s not a lot of hair down there and you can kind of see a bit of lip. Alexandra, still bottomless, is now sitting to the right of Woody as they have a conversation.”

Alexandra Daddario topless in True Detective

“Alexandra reaches toward the camera to grab the wine bottle and we get a better look of her muff as she repositions and again there is no evidence of a merkin. Alexandra then turns around and we see most of her ass as she bends over to her right. Unfortunately, the bottom part of her ass is just off screen so you don’t see any vag from behind. The camera then switches to in front of Alexandra and we see part of her ass as Woody starts kissing it before it pans off of her reaction. This scene is just under two minutes long.”

Alexandra Daddario sex in True Detective

You guys catch that? The scene is full frontal. Motherfucking full frontal! Good God in heaven this is incredible. If there were any doubts in my mind as to whether 2014 is going to be a good year, they have now all melted away. A comet could hit the planet and cause widespread devastation, but as long as I have this scene to fap to on my bicycle-powered laptop in my underground bunker, I’ll feel as though I haven’t a care in the world. Thank you, HBO, for always taking care of your viewers’ fapping needs. Game of Thrones, True Blood, now this… I feel spoiled by their benevolence.

Alexandra Daddario ass in True Detective

I don’t really know whom to give credit to for the leaked screenshots. I don’t know who leaked them, and I don’t even know who posted them online first. I found them scattered over the internet, with many in various posts on Imgur, but even reverse image searching just brings me to more of the same results without a clear source. There’s no identifying watermark either. Well, whoever you are, person who leaked this, I want you to know that you’re my hero. I’ve done a bit of color correction on the pics in order to make the detail more easily visible. The resolution is low, so the quality suffered a bit as a result, but I don’t think it’s too bad. If demand dictates, I’ll post the unedited versions too.

Alexandra Daddario True Detective nude scene

The available information states that the episode that these are taken from is due to air on January 19. Rest assured that I will do everything in my power to record the show that night and post video and caps as soon as possible. Unless something comes up, look out for the post with HD clips and caps of the Alexandra Daddario nude scene from True Detective the morning – or latest, the afternoon – of January 20. And if you want that delivered straight to you when it’s posted, feel free to subscribe to the feed. Fappy New Year, bitches.