Tina Fey

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So we finally saw Tina Fey nude on screen for the first time, this during her accidental boob slip at the Emmy Awards. All those bra flashes from 30 Rock are no longer the best we’ve got.

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I’m not sure if the follow-up spoof skit with Kenan Thompson on SNL where she opens up her coat and is wearing no shirt underneath, flashing her breasts, counts since it’s censored and – in all likelyhood – she was wearing pasties over her nipples or a skin-colored bra or something. This is all preceded by a long career of going almost nude but not quite, including her stripper scene in Date Night, that scene where she takes her shirt off in Mean Girls, and the aforementioned bra shots from 30 Rock. We were supposed to see Tina Fey naked in Admission, but sadly, it was taken out, so this is all we’ve got so far.

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